Double stage integral type casing head



  • Working pressure:   2000PSI~15000PSI
  • Temperature rating: -46℃~121℃ (LU Grade)
  • Material class:       AA、BB、CC、DD、EE
  • Product specification level:   PSL1~3
  • Performance level:   PR1
  • Hanger type:         Mandrel-Type & Slip Type
  • Hanger procedure:   Based on customer’s requirement
  • Working medium: Petroleum, Natural gas, Slurry, Including H2S, CO2 gas



  • Design, manufacture, testing and material choosing are all followed by API 6A standard.
  • Casing head house’s side outlet connection has thread type and flange type.
  • Casing head and Casing pipe’s connection way has thread type, welded type and slip type.
  • Casing head house design is with 45°landing shoulder.
  • Based on casing head’s procedure design different models’ casing hanger.
  • We provide two types casing hanger, mandrel type and slip type.
    • Same model mandrel type and slip type casing hanger can exchangeable.
  • Sealing type of casing hanger has combined rubber sealing and combined metal sealing type.


Working Pressure Casing head procedure Sealing type Hanger type
13.8MPa (2000psi) 95/8″×7″(51/2″)


20″×133/8″× 95/8″×7″(51/2″)


(Can do based on customer’s requirement)

Rubber sealing Mandrel type


Slip type

20.7MPa (3000psi)
34.5MPa (5000psi)
69MPa (10000psi)
103.5MPa(15000psi) Metal sealing+

Rubber sealing