Mounting brackets for in-line cartridges

These elements are made of PP, which makes them very durable. We offer models compatible with cartridges of various diameter such as 2” and 2,5”, both single and double.
Single brackets are used for fixing in-line cartridges or membrane housing to any flat surface, while double ones are used to combine single cartridges in more complex systems. To stabilize the fastenings, you should use them in pairs. Brackets are universal and compatible with most 2 and 2,5” in-line cartridges and membrane housinhs available on the market.


Catalogue No. Type Size
C-2000 single 2”
C-2500 single 2,5”
DC-2000 double 2” x 2”
DC-2500 double 2” x 2.5”
DC-3000 double 2.5” x 2.5”