High quality electronic device for water pH measurements. They are easy to use and non-expensive and, in a short time, shall enable you to achieve accurate measurement result.
PHMETR is an electronic device which can be used for pH (acidity and alkalinity) measurement. It is easy for us and inexpensive. In a short time it allows you to achieve a very accurate result.Is is widely used in gardening, spa centers, swimming pools and by water ionizer owners, fishkeepers and owners of water filters. You can calibrate it easily with a standard buffer (pH=7). Enclosed batteries enable about 700 operating hours.
pH range 0-14
Resolution 0,1
Accuracy ± 0,1
Calibration manual, 1 point
Working temperature 2-50 °C
Power supply 3×1,5 V alkaline batteries
Dimensions (length x width x height) 150/30/24 mm
Weight 85 g