RO pump

A pump dedicated to reverse osmosis systems. It is mostly used whena feed water pressure is insufficient to start reverse osmosis process.

Low pressure causes reduction of osmosis membrene efficiency and adverse proportions between purified and dirty water. Also tank fills itself much longer. Quality of produced water is not the best. In extreme cases when pressure is too low all water could end up in canalization.

In that case it is necessary to apply pump in order to increase feed-water pressure on membrane input and improve the cleaning proccess.

Applying RO PUMP will improve quality of produced water and will increase efficiency of RO membrane. Water tank will fill itself faster and thanks to that installation will be more economical.

Pump is capable of continous work.

Catalogue no. Connection Max working pressure Working pressure Dimensions (H x W x L) Power supply
RO-POMP 3/8” 8.5 bar 5.5 bar 16 x 15.5 x 34.5 cm (AC) 230V (DC) 24V