Water tests

TEST-1 is a very accurate, reliable and non-expensive test strip which can be used for testing hardness, pH and chlorine content in water. It is very easy to use. Each package contains three disposable strips for testing specific water parameters.

TEST-T droplet tester for water hardness testing. Easy to use and reliable. One drop corresponds to 1 dH (German degree)

TEST-4 – reliable and non-expensive strip for testing iron and manganese contents in water. It is easy in use. Each package contains a disposable strip for testing iron content and three disposable strips for testing manganese content in water.Those tests were designed so that they enable measurements to be taken in home-like conditions both by professionals and regular people.Life span: over 2 years after the date of production.

Catalogue No. Measured parameters
TEST-1 chlorine content, water hardness, pH value
TEST-T* water hardness
TEST-4 Iron and manganese


Service life: over 2 years from the date of production
*1 drop corresponds to 1 dH (German degree)