RO LIFE is a modern six-stage reverse osmosis system in a nice-looking casing, provided with two pre-filters, RO membrane element and three in-line post filters.

For the most part, it is installed under kitchen sinks. This way, it provides you with access to clean water. The system provides you with up to 280* l of water a day with a neutral pH**.

* depending on the type of membrane and pressure in the pipes
** osmotically clean water undergoes acidification as a result of CO2 in the air and its pH decreases

Osmotic water generates savings resulting from low production costs of one liter of water (about 30 grosze/l) and eco-friendliness, as it generates less waste in form of bottles.

The system includes a RO system, nozzle, tank, set of supply pipes, instructions for assembly.



Catalogue No. Connection Filtration stages Working pressure pH range Working temperature Efficiency* Dimensions (H x W x L)
RO LIFE 1/2” 6 2.8-6 bar 2-10 2-30 ºC 75 GPD 46 x 42.5 x 15 cm

* Efficiency for standard system at 25ºC and 4 bar pressure.